About the Artist



Born and raised in Newfoundland, Colin made his way to British Columbia in 2005 to explore the West and has lived here ever since.

Colin has been practicing photography on some level for almost 15 years. He started out experimenting with 35mm film before launching into digital photography and photojournalism in 2006.  Colin has gone on to explore and master many kinds of photography, including documentary, family and commercial portraiture, weddings, architecture – and his most passionate subject, nature and landscape photography.

A resident of the Slocan Valley- just outside of Nelson, BC – Colin has some of North America’s most beautiful mountains and purest water at his doorstep. His images are meditations on the intimate details of the nature and landscapes that surround him.

Colin’s images have won several awards, including a Silver Medal at the 2013 San Francisco International Photography Exhibition and Bronze Awards in the 2012 and 2013 Epson International Pano Awards. He currently displays his work at Gallery 378 in Nelson and the Kootenay Gallery in Castlegar, BC.

Colin also teaches photography lessons to help students of all ability levels learn to become better photographers and get more enjoyment from their cameras.

Along with photography, Colin is a professional writer who has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers.


Artist Statement

“Everything changes and nothing remains still … and … you cannot step twice into the same stream”


“Decay is inherent. Work out your own salvation with diligence.”

Last words of the Buddha

My fine art photography vision is rooted in my belief that all things on earth are transient and constantly changing. Nothing remains the same from one instant to another.

All things  – both alive and inanimate – are subject to death, decay and rebirth. Living things will die, return to earth and create new life. Mountains crumble and their rocks erode ultimately becoming the minerals that feed the growth of living things. Water is in a state of constant change, from flowing atomic vibrating liquid to drifting vapour clouds and crystalline solid snow. And all the human structures we work so hard to build will eventually crumble and be retaken by nature.  

Because this life and this world are so transient, it’s important to me to experience as much of its incredible beauty and diversity as possible. This often leads me to nature – to quiet and remote places where I’m happy to sit and watch over a grand landscape as the light changes, or to keenly observe the countless instances of minute beauty and fascination to be found there.

It all adds up to fine art photography that expresses a deep appreciation and reverence for the world and everything I see within it – whether it be a pristine river, industrial landscape or an aging rusty structure.

These images are meditations and stories. They are tiny pieces of my soul manifested in visual format. 


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