Despite where the title of this post might make your mind go, this is not about losing my virginity. This post is about the way I feel and work with my camera whenever I go to a new location and how that impacts the images I come home with. Whether you’re a photographer or not, I’m sure you know the feeling of going to a cool place in nature where you’ve never been before and getting overwhelmed by what you see. As a photographer that feeling seems to get multiplied by 10, as you feast your eyes on all the photographic possibilities the location presents.Read More →


“Could nature ever obliterate all our traces? How would it undo our monumental cities and public works, and reduce our myriad plastics and toxic synthetics back to benign, basic elements? Or are some so unnatural that they’re indestructible? And what of our finest creations – our architecture, our art, our many manifestations of spirit? Are any truly timeless, at least enough so to last until the sun expands and roasts our Earth to a cinder?” Alan Weisman – The Earth Without Us The above image was made as part of an assignment for a black and white film photography course I did in school –Read More →

For much of my life, at least over the past 15 years or so, I have been a consummate adventurer; always driven to travel to new places, see new things and push my own limits. It has been very much how I defined myself and one of the driving forces behind my photography. I wanted to capture the beauty and preserve the memories of the things I was seeing and doing. But over the past year, that has all changes. With the birth of my daughter just shy of a year ago, my world got a lot smaller. I have had very little time forRead More →